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Anti-Israel Protesters Attack A Jewish Man Entering A Chicago Theater

The largest Jewish communities in the USA are in New York City, Los Angeles, South Florida, San Francisco, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston.

Chicago is also home to a large Palestinian-American community, and frequently features far left anti-Israel protests similar to what is found in Detroit.

Last week, Anti-Israel threats forced the cancelation of a musical performance by the Jewish musician Matisyahu, who is openly supportive of Israel.

On Monday protesters tried to block people from entering a Jewish-sponsored screening.

The documentary called “Nova.”is about the October 7 Hamas massacre at the Nova Music Festival that killed hundreds.

Local ABC affiliate WLS-7 reported:

A Jewish attendee carrying a small Israeli flag, was attacked by the mob. Chicago police says they are investigating.
The protesters yelled “shame on you” and assaulted  a Jewish man, who did not want to be identified for fears for his safety.

“I did not say anything to anyone, as we walked up I did not look at anyone, I did not give anyone the finger, I simply walked up holding an Israeli flag,” he said.

“Fortunately he was not seriously injured, but the attack has left him shocked and worried for the future of his Jewish children.”

“I think it is disgusting you cannot walk down the street Jewish in 2024,” he said.

The Jewish United Fund is calling on local elected and community to speak out against an antisemitic movement that it says is becoming normalized. The JUF said more education on the history of Judaism is needed.
The fund said since that the October 7 attack on Israel, killing approximately 1,200 people and resulted in more than 250 hostages being taken by Hamas back to Gaza, antisemitic incidents in the United States have increased by 360%.

“Each step of the way, it’s gotten worse and worse all in the same continuum, an attempt to push Jews aside physically and rhetorically and that is where we are right now,” said Dan Goldwin, JUF public affairs executive director.

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