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Ben Carson Sees Black and Youth Voter Surge as Key to Trump’s 2024 Victory

In a recent interview, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson predicted that significant gains among Black and young voters will be pivotal for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 election.

Carson’s comments, delivered during a CNN interview and further elaborated in the Washington Examiner, highlight a strategic shift in the Trump campaign’s approach to demographics traditionally viewed as challenging for Republican candidates.

Historically, Black voters have overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidates, a trend that has persisted for decades. However, Carson believes there is an opportunity for Trump to make significant inroads by addressing issues directly affecting the Black community, such as economic empowerment, criminal justice reform, and educational opportunities.

He also pointed out that during Trump’s first term, initiatives such as Opportunity Zones and criminal justice reform through the First Step Act garnered positive responses from segments of the Black community.


In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Carson expressed his full confidence that Trump will win the 2024 election, citing his supporters’ enthusiasm and growing inroads with traditionally Democratic voters.

“I think Trump is making major inroads with all demographic groups in our country, including black voters,” Carson said. “They recognize that they were better off with his administration than they are now.”

“Trump’s policies have had tangible benefits for many Black Americans, but these successes have not been adequately communicated,” Carson remarked in the Washington Examiner. He argues that a concerted effort to highlight these achievements and articulate a clear vision for the future could sway a notable portion of Black voters.

A key advantage Trump has, Carson argued, is that people are able to compare his and President Joe Biden‘s performances in real time.

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“Traditionally, people have been able to just, by overwhelmingly telling them one story … they just pretty soon accept that story as true,” Carson said. “Here, you have a situation where you have two administrations juxtaposed in very close proximity. So [voters] actually remember very vividly what was going on two or three years ago, versus somebody saying, ‘Well, that was 20-30 years ago.’ You can’t do that this time. So you’ll be able to compare apples with apples.

“You will know that your utility bills are astronomical now and that, even though you might be making more money, you’re having more difficulty paying them,” he continued. “And no one can change that with some sweet words.”

Another major factor that plays into Carson’s 2024 prediction is the enthusiasm of Trump supporters, especially students.

“I’ve been very impressed,” Carson said. “I’ve visited different universities, and seeing the enthusiasm of the students … a few weeks ago at Texas A&M, we had to turn hundreds of students away. Just couldn’t get them in there. And their level of understanding of what’s going on is impressive.

“They recognize that we can’t continue on this course and be successful,” Carson continued. “They realize that the American dream will elude them, will elude their children, as we continue down this pathway of destruction. I truly believe that the young people may end up being the source of salvation for this country.”

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In contrast, he said, many older voters are “stuck in the mud.”

“They say, ‘Wow, FDR and all these people, they were so good, and Democrats are wonderful people,’ without actually looking for themselves at what’s happening,” Carson said.

Carson further argued that crime and immigration are becoming more visible in the public eye — and both are factors that will play into Trump’s favor. Overall, he believes the southern border and the economy will be the deciding issues in November.

“Those are the things that have immediate effects on everybody,” he said. “Every state is a border state. Now with the impact — I mean, we’re talking about millions of people.”

Immigration has immediate and long-term concerns, in Carson’s view, and he warned of the transformation of the electoral structure if enough migrants are brought in.

“Now, I don’t think that most of the voters think at that level … immediately — what’s going on in my community, what’s affecting my safety, what’s affecting my ability to have a quality lifestyle? — but you do have to look at those bigger-picture issues,” he said. “Because it’s going to be a big deal. You can’t let 20 or 30 million people into the country and it not have an impact. We haven’t seen the impact yet, but it’s coming.”

Carson also pointed to the youth vote as a critical battleground. Young voters, traditionally more liberal, have shown increasing disillusionment with the current political climate. The rising cost of living, student debt, and job market uncertainties are paramount concerns for this demographic. Carson asserts that Trump’s economic policies, which focus on job creation and deregulation, resonate well with young voters looking for pragmatic solutions to their financial challenges.

From a conservative perspective, Carson’s analysis aligns with a broader strategy to diversify the Republican voter base. By addressing the unique concerns of Black and young voters, the Trump campaign can build a more inclusive coalition that transcends traditional party lines. This approach is not only strategic but also essential for the long-term viability of the party in an increasingly diverse and dynamic electorate.

The upcoming election presents a critical juncture for the Republican Party. By focusing on inclusivity and addressing the concerns of historically underrepresented groups, Trump has the potential to redefine the party’s image and broaden its appeal. Carson’s insights reflect a pragmatic approach to achieving this goal, emphasizing the need for tangible policy solutions and effective communication.

As the campaign progresses, the effectiveness of this strategy will be closely monitored. Success will depend on the ability to not only attract but also mobilize these voter groups. Grassroots efforts, targeted messaging, and a commitment to addressing the specific needs of Black and young voters will be essential components of this approach.

The former HUD secretary concluded by citing his Christian faith as the main reason for his optimism about the country’s future.

“I think all of those things together will save us, but I also have a perspective that many people don’t have, and that is faith in God,” he said. “If he was willing to save Sodom and Gomorrah for 10 people, I think we’ve got this.”

In summary, Ben Carson’s prediction that Black and young voters will be the “salvation” for Trump’s 2024 victory highlights a strategic pivot towards inclusivity and engagement. By focusing on policy achievements and direct outreach, the Trump campaign aims to broaden its appeal and build a diverse coalition of support. This approach, rooted in conservative principles and pragmatic solutions, seeks to address the evolving needs of a dynamic electorate and position Trump for a successful return to the White House.


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