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Biden Admin Fast-Tracks Interview Process Specifically For Chinese Illegals

In what could be another quid pro quo, Joe Biden’s administration has reduced the immigration questionnaire from 40 to only 5 for illegal aliens coming from the Communist People’s Republic of China.

The Biden administration’s Customs and Border Protection has effectively fast-tracked the interview vetting process for Chinese migrants who have illegally crossed the southern border, the Daily Caller News Foundation first reported.

According to an April email obtained by the DCNF from a former law enforcement official, a CBP supervisor instructed roughly 500 Border Patrol agents to reduce the number of interview questions posed to Chinese migrants who illegally entered the country to five.

“Headquarters guidance has been received regarding Chinese nationals in our custody,” the email reads. “There is no requirement for 100% Chinese in-depth interviews or phone downloads.”

The email noted that illegal immigrants from China are only to be “asked the basic questions,” which included information regarding.

Chinese migrants who have served in the military, attended certain universities, are from Xinjiang, or are affiliated with the Communist Party of China are “referred and transported… for an in-depth interview by Tactical Terrorism Response Team,” the email obtained by DCNF added.

According to the email, those who worked as a government employee or in the science, technology, medical, or financial industry are also referred for additional questioning.

Alternatively, for those who “do not alert to the above, there is no requirement to delay current processing pathway further — NTA/OR [Notice to Appear/Order of Recognizance],” the CBP supervisor wrote.

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