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Big Brother Alert – 2 California Students Suspended For Five Days After “Misgendering” Trans Student. Forced To Go Through ‘Restorative Justice’ Training

California school district suspended two children for five days after a misgendering incident took place, and then subjected them to a training called “restorative justice,” according to an email reviewed by Fox News Digital. 

The email was sent by a recently departed principal of Herbert Hoover High School located in the Glendale Unified School District. It was first reported by GUSD Parents Voices.

The former principal, Jennifer Earl, described two students who misgendered a transgender student, and then ran away as the teacher began to correct them.

“I suspended two students for five days each today and will be conducting [restorative justice] with students and teacher for [the misgendering]… In interviewing them, they admitted to being curious about a transgender person,” Earl said.

“I asked [the] teacher [involved in the incident] how he wanted to handle it, if he wanted me to just teach them about misgendering or would he like me to speak about being trans. He asked me to educate on transgender. It was well received from students and parents. [Restorative justice] will happen after suspension,” the email said.

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