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BREAKING: Joe Biden Covered for Brother Frank After He Was Involved in Fatal Hit-and-Run Car Crash

During the course of research for Breaking Biden, Alex Marlow’s new book that was released earlier this week, there were only a few moments that humanized the current president.

From the book:

Though I tried to locate the humanity in Joe Biden time and again, I was shocked at how infrequently I was able to do that. I concluded that a key reason Joe Biden has a “DGAF” attitude is that he has faced personal tragedy so acute that it’s hardly a surprise that being the subject of online ridicule doesn’t faze him.

The first of those tragedies took place on December 18, 1972, when his wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, age 30, and their infant daughter, Naomi, were killed in a car crash when their station wagon collided with a hay truck while they were out shopping for Christmas presents.

His two young sons, Hunter and Beau, were badly injured in the accident, requiring extended hospitalization, but survived. As it would have any human, the accident took an incalculable toll on Joe.

The country wept for Joe.

Yet, there was one incident I came across during research for the book where Joe had the opportunity to show empathy for a family that suffered the same fate as he did all those decades ago, but instead he decided to cover for one his corrupt brothers.

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