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California Newborn Dies After Being Left in Hot Car by Gay Dads

In a tragic incident that has shocked the nation, a newborn girl recently adopted by a gay couple in California has died after being left in a hot car for several hours. This heartbreaking event occurred merely two months after the couple had welcomed the child into their home, raising critical questions about parental responsibility and child safety.

Newborn dies after California gay dads leave her in hot car ‘for hours’ only two months after adoption Video:

The incident took place in the scorching summer heat, with temperatures reportedly soaring to dangerous levels. According to the Post Millennial, the couple, who reside in a suburban area of California, had adopted the infant just two months prior. On the day of the tragedy, the fathers allegedly left their daughter in a parked vehicle for an extended period, resulting in her untimely death due to hyperthermia, commonly referred to as heatstroke.

Diana was adopted in April by Romer and Jayson de Los Santos, a gay couple from California. An investigation has been launched to determine who left her in the car, and whether any charges should be filed.

In their profile, they wrote they wanted to “raise healthy, responsible, and most importantly, kind adults.” They told prospective birth parents they could come visit their child as often as they wished and be a part of their life.

Neighbors told the Daily Mail that the pair, who have been together for 20 years and got married in 2008 “seem like a nice family who wanted to give a couple of kids a good life,” adding, “it’s just a shame it didn’t turn out that way.”

According to the Daily Mail, when a family member discovered Diana in the vehicle shortly before 12:30am on June 13, the infant was unresponsive. First responders were called and when they arrived, she was taken to nearby Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Despite their efforts, Diana was pronounced dead a short time later.

It was later revealed that she had been left in the car for a number of hours. Outside, the temperatures was around 63F, but inside, it was likely over 100F. In extreme heat, the human body can suffer, with organs shutting down if the temperature surpasses 107F, and children cannot regulate their body temperature as well as adults can.

The SUV that Diana was left inside for several hours out the front of the home in Santee, San Diego, on June 13

“This is a profound tragedy that underscores the vital importance of vigilance and awareness when it comes to child safety, especially in extreme weather conditions,” commented a child welfare expert.

Adorable photos showed them cradling the infant and introducing her to their two-year-old son, who was also adopted

Heatstroke in vehicles is a well-documented hazard, with numerous public safety campaigns aimed at educating parents and caregivers about the risks. Even a few minutes in a hot car can be fatal for young children, whose bodies are less capable of regulating temperature. The tragic death of this newborn has brought renewed attention to these dangers and the necessity for constant vigilance.

This incident has also raised broader questions about the adequacy of the vetting process for adoptive parents. Critics argue that more rigorous assessments and ongoing support systems are necessary to ensure that adoptive families are fully prepared for the responsibilities they undertake.

Public reaction to the incident has been one of overwhelming sorrow and outrage. Community members have expressed their grief and called for greater awareness and preventive measures to avoid future tragedies.

This incident underscores the paramount importance of personal responsibility and the sanctity of life. The failure to protect a vulnerable infant from such an obvious and well-known danger is seen as a profound moral lapse. Ensuring the safety and well-being of children, particularly those in adoptive situations, should be a top priority for both individuals and the state.


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