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“Democrats Are a Satanic Cult” – Biden WH Promotes Trans, Abortions On Resurrection Sunday (Easter)

Over the past 16 years the Democratic Party has morphed into a Communist led mob of Marxists who have moved their trust and dependence from God to an increasingly corrupt federal government.

A political party that has been known for promoting unions, huge entitlement programs and even border security, is now a collective woke movement, champions for abortion to up to birth, homosexual/trans special rights and open borders.

This demonic led emotional mess rejects God, carte blanche.

Thus, in a nation where border security is polling as American’s biggest concern in 2024, the recent remarks by Senator Tuberville have struck a chord with many conservatives.

The popular first term US Senator (R-AL) boldly declared, “Democrats are a Satanic cult,” a statement that resonates deeply with those who believe in the preservation of traditional values and the rule of law.

This assertion comes at a time when concerns over illegal immigration and its consequences on American society are at an all-time high.

The controversy ignited following President Joe Biden’s proclamation that tied Easter, one of Christianity’s holiest days, to the ‘Transgender Day of Visibility.’


Biden issued a White House proclamation declaring March 31 as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

This March 31, of course, is Resurrection Sunday (Easter).

“On Transgender Day of Visibility, we honor the extraordinary courage and contributions of transgender Americans and reaffirm our nation’s commitment to forming a more perfect union — where all people are created equal and treated equally throughout their lives,” Biden wrote in the declaration.

“I am proud that my Administration has stood for justice from the start, working to ensure that the LGBTQI+ community can live openly, in safety, with dignity and respect. I am proud to have appointed transgender leaders to my Administration and to have ended the ban on transgender Americans serving openly in our military,” Biden continued. “I am proud to have signed historic Executive Orders that strengthen civil rights protections in housing, employment, health care, education, the justice system, and more. I am proud to have signed the Respect for Marriage Act into law, ensuring that every American can marry the person they love.”

Biden also wrote, “extremists are proposing hundreds of hateful laws that target and terrify transgender kids and their families — silencing teachers; banning books; and even threatening parents, doctors, and nurses with prison for helping parents get care for their children.”

“At the same time, my Administration is working to stop the bullying and harassment of transgender children and their families.  The Department of Justice has taken action to push back against extreme and un-American State laws targeting transgender youth and their families and the Department of Justice is partnering with law enforcement and community groups to combat hate and violence.”

This move has been perceived by some as not only an affront to religious traditions but also as indicative of a broader agenda that undermines societal norms. Critics argue that such actions distract from pressing issues like border security and national sovereignty.

President Trump and his campaign are calling on Joe Biden to apologize to the millions of Christians and Catholics who are celebrating Easter tomorrow after Biden decided to declare Easter “Trans Visibility Day” in an official White House statement.

Senator Tuberville’s comments were made in response to what he and others see as a pattern of behavior from Democratic leaders that appears to be at odds with conservative principles. The senator’s choice of words may be extreme, but it underscores the frustration felt by many over what they view as policies that promote lawlessness and moral decay.

The importance of secure borders cannot be overstated. They serve as the first line of defense against illegal immigration, which can lead to increased fear and polarization between immigrants and naturalized citizens. The unchecked flow across borders can also facilitate the trafficking of narcotics and humans, activities that have devastating effects on communities and individuals alike.

The United States government and its border enforcement agencies face significant challenges in conveying a clear message: illegal crossings will not be tolerated. It is essential for maintaining economic stability, ensuring public safety, and promoting cultural assimilation. When laws are enforced consistently, it sends a signal to both citizens and potential migrants about the country’s commitment to its values.

Amidst these concerns about border security, Vice President Kamala Harris’ Easter weekend message advocating for abortion on demand added fuel to the fire for those already alarmed by what they perceive as Democratic leadership’s departure from traditional values. Her message was seen by critics as another example of how certain Democratic policies are out-of-step with conservative America.

The juxtaposition between calls for unrestricted access to abortion services during a time traditionally reserved for reflection on life and renewal has left many conservatives feeling alienated. It raises questions about the direction in which Democratic leaders are steering social policy at a time when many Americans are calling for a return to more conservative principles.

While debates over policy differences are standard in any democracy, accusations such as labeling an entire political party as akin to a “Satanic cult” reflect heightened tensions in American politics. Such statements may seem hyperbolic; however, they capture the sentiment among conservatives who feel their way of life is under siege by progressive ideologies.

As these debates continue to unfold, it is clear that issues surrounding border security remain at the forefront for many Americans. The conversation around immigration policy is complex and multifaceted but centralizing it around core principles such as lawfulness and national integrity remains crucial for those who advocate for conservative approaches.

Senator Tuberville’s comments have brought attention not only to his own views but also highlighted broader concerns among conservatives regarding current political trends. While his rhetoric may be polarizing, it speaks volumes about the deep divisions within American society over fundamental issues like immigration policy, religious observance, and cultural identity.

As America grapples with these challenges, it becomes increasingly important for its leaders to address them head-on while respecting differing viewpoints within this great tapestry that is American democracy.

The path forward may not be easy or straightforward; however, engaging in open dialogue while upholding core values will be key in navigating these turbulent times without drawing hasty conclusions about our fellow citizens’ beliefs or intentions.

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