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Desperate Biden Considering ‘Nuclear Option’ On Border Invasion

In what would have been unthinkable for the radical left just a year ago, Joe Biden’s chance of winning re-election, against Donald Trump, is slipping away.

According to recent polling data, the American electorate is leaning towards replacing the failing 46th President of the United States in November.

Despite the left’s instance that Trump fueled the January 6th attempted “insurrection”, and the 88 felony charges filed against him, Biden’s predecessor has never been in as strong a position to win the White House as he is now.

If the election were held tomorrow, more than 30 pollsters, strategists, and campaign veterans from both parties tell TIME, Biden would likely lose.

The main reasons? Joe’s age, mental acuity decline, and failing immigration policy.

US Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens was on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning to discuss the open border crisis.

“How are people from Nepal and Africa coming here?” Camilo Montoya-Galvez asked Chief Owens.

“So far, this fiscal year alone, we have had people from 160 countries or more come across our border illegally,” Chief Owens said.

The left’s concern compelled Peter Lucas from the Boston Herald to write that Biden ought to challenge Donald Trump to a debate.

That would be the way for Biden, 81, to deal with the increasingly accepted observation that he is in cognitive decline and is too old to be president.

“Take a look at the other guy,” Biden said in his softball interview with Seth Meyers on NBC Monday, “he’s about as old as I am.”

Which is true. The other guy, Donald Trump, is 77. But people age differently and the difference between the two presidents is that Trump is an obviously a young 77 while Biden is demonstrably an old 81.

Biden’s age has become a front-burner issue following the investigation into his handling, or mishandling, of classified documents.

Special Counsel Robert Hur of the U. S. Justice Department reported that Biden was “a sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.”

In a sign of desperation, according to a report from Axios, Biden is “still considering harsh executive actions at the border before November’s election”.

The problem for Biden is any significant move to secure the border would upset fellow Democrats, the majority of whom support leaving America’s border entirely open for anyone to enter:

Legal, logistical and political risks are constantly being weighed. Any new surge in border numbers could add urgency for what one administration official described as the nuclear option.

Border numbers fell in January and only ticked up slightly in February, but crossings historically rise in the spring and summer, which could add pressure on the administration to take more drastic measures. That move, however, would upset some Democrats.

The orders being considered would ban people from entering the U.S. if they illegally crossed the border and make it harder for people to pass the first interview in the asylum-seeking process, as has been reported.

 The White House had considered announcing new executive actions in the run-up to or during the State of the Union address this month, as Axios reported, but ultimately opted against it.

Meanwhile, a White House spokesperson blamed the Republicans in Congress for not passing Biden’s proposed border legislation, even though the funding would help facilitate the processing of illegal aliens, not stop them from entering.

In their report published last Thursday Time warned that Biden’s allies are expressing their concerns that he’s headed for defeat due to insufficient planning and weak support from key Democratic voting blocs, Biden’s campaign rejects the notion it’s running the same playbook as 2020.

Biden is “indeed in trouble,” TIME correspondent Charlotte Alter wrote in the piece published Thursday, detailing his low approval ratings, how he trails or ties former President Trump in most polling matchups, and the coalition of minority and young voters that seems to be splintering despite his opponent’s own unpopularity and baggage.

“Despite an attempted insurrection, 88 felony charges, and a record that prompts former aides to warn of the dangers of reinstalling him in office, Trump has never, in three campaigns for the presidency, been in as strong a position to win the White House as he is now. If the election were held tomorrow, more than 30 pollsters, strategists, and campaign veterans from both parties tell TIME, Biden would likely lose,” Alter wrote.

A former campaign and White House official told TIME that Biden’s struggles boiled down to his widely reported struggles with minority voters. Once solid voting blocs for Democrats, Hispanics and Blacks show softening support for Biden in polls that, if accurate, could be a harbinger of a bruising defeat.

“It boils down to voters of color, and those voters are pissed,” the anonymous official told TIME. “I think it’s very likely he’ll lose.”

“This is just who Joe Biden is,” a former Biden strategist told Alter. “This is how he’s always run his campaigns. He and his insiders know better. Last time, it worked, so he didn’t learn any of the lessons, and thinks he can run 2020 again.”

On March 20th, Newsweek also sounded the alarm: Joe Biden Issues Desperate Plea to Latino Voters

Joe Biden made his most direct plea to Latino voters yet during a campaign visit to Arizona on March 19, as he rallied a base that could prove vital to his reelection bid in November.

The president said that Latino voters were the reason he defeated Donald Trump in 2020, and he urged them to support him again in this year’s election.

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