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Dr. Phil Brings Shock and Awe On The Set Of The View Dropping A Truth Bomb

Dr. Phil left The View hosts stunned after revealing the true impact COVID lockdowns had on children.

During an appearance on the ABC show, the television host began by explaining the harm smart phones and social media had wrought on childhood development.

“Kids stopped living their lives and started watching people live their lives and so we saw the biggest spike and the highest levels of depression, anxiety, loneliness and suicidality since records have been kept and it’s just continues on and on and on,” said Phil McGraw.

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That narrative was palatable to the hosts, but when McGraw used the same logic to slam COVID lockdowns, the hosts bristled.

“Then COVID hits ten years later and the same agencies that knew that are the agencies that shut down the schools for two years – who does that? Who takes away the support system for these children?”

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Dr. Phil also pointed out that COVID lockdowns prevented interventions for children who were being violently and sexually abused.

Whoopi Goldberg then shot back claiming “they were trying to save kids’ lives,” to which McGraw responded by pointing out that school children were almost completely unaffected by COVID.

Goldberg then tried to argue that this was thanks to the lockdown, before another host confronted Dr. Phil by saying, “Are you saying no school children died of COVID?”

“I’m saying it was the safest group, they were the less vulnerable group and they suffered and will suffer more from the mismanagement of COVID than they will from the exposure to COVID and that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact,” said McGraw.

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The audience then started applauding, something which triggered Goldberg to immediately scramble to go to break.

“Audience clapping at end triggered those wicked witches,” commented Mike Cernovich.

Dr. Phil is completely correct in that COVID affected children far less severely than adults, something that Goldberg incorrectly claims is thanks to lockdowns but in fact was due to their superior immune response.

As we previously highlighted, multiple major studies confirm that pandemic lockdowns had devastating effects on children, harming their emotional development, social skills and driving mass clinical depression.

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