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Florida Ed Board Rule Bans DEI In State Colleges

Florida’s Board of Education approved a series of regulations on Wednesday officially prohibiting state colleges from using taxpayer dollars to fund so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, initiatives.

Though euphemistically named, DEI is a poisonous left-wing framework that dismisses merit and instead discriminates based on characteristics such as skin color and sex.

Individuals who qualify for a certain position on merit but don’t meet the discriminating entity’s goal of being more “diverse” are often passed over in favor of those who meet institutionally preferred identitarian standards.

The Florida Board of Education’s new regulation uses similar language to define DEI and “prohibits [Florida College System] institutions from using state or federal funds to administer programs that categorize individuals based on race or sex for the purpose of differential or preferential treatment.”

The rule specifically defines “federal funds” as monies allocated to “the institution or a direct support organization for an institution” by Congress, including federal student aid. Meanwhile, “state funds” are classified as those provided to colleges “directly or indirectly” by the Florida Legislature.

Wednesday’s rule change came months after Florida Republicans passed legislation banning Florida state universities from using federal or state taxpayer money to subsidize DEI programs and activities.

The bill was signed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in May, along with an additional measure barring state “institutions from requiring students, faculty, or staff to take political loyalty tests.”

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