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Hunter Biden Pushes Hard for Father to Stay in Presidential Race

Hunter Biden has emerged as a significant force behind his father, President Joe Biden, urging him to remain in the presidential race despite numerous challenges and growing scrutiny.

This development, reported by Breitbart, highlights the intricate dynamics within the Biden family and their influence on the president’s political decisions.

Joe Biden assisted off stage by wife Jill after trainwreck debate against Trump Video:

According to Breitbart, the president was reported to have gathered with several members of the Biden family, which reportedly included his wife, first lady Jill Biden, and children, son Hunter Biden and daughter Ashley Biden, along with his grandchildren, according to the New York Times.

‘While many donors, Democrat officials, and voters were left questioning if Biden would be able to serve a second term as president and calling for Biden to be replaced, the Biden family is reportedly encouraging the president “to stay in the race and keep fighting,” several anonymous sources close to the situation told the outlet.

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Hunter Biden was described as being “one of the strongest voices” encouraging the president not to drop out of the presidential race:

One of the strongest voices imploring Mr. Biden to resist pressure to drop out was his son Hunter Biden, whom the president has long leaned on for advice, said one of the people informed about the discussions, who, like others, spoke on condition of anonymity to share internal deliberations. Hunter Biden wants Americans to see the version of his father that he knows – scrappy and in command of the facts – rather than the stumbling, aging president Americans saw on Thursday night.

The outlet added that several members of the Biden family and Democrats, including John Morgan, a Democrat fundraiser, have cast blame on former White House chief of staff Ron Klain, Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to Biden, and Bob Bauer, Biden’s attorney, for Biden’s poor debate performance.’

Hunter Biden’s influence within the Biden camp cannot be understated. Despite his own legal and personal challenges, he remains a close confidant and advisor to the president. His advocacy for his father’s re-election bid underscores the deep familial bonds and the personal stakes involved in Joe Biden’s political career.

Hunter Biden’s role raises several critical questions. Firstly, the propriety of his influence over presidential decisions is contentious, given his checkered past and ongoing legal issues.Hunter’s involvement reflects poorly on the president’s judgment and undermines public trust in his administration. The perception of nepotism and the potential conflicts of interest further fuel these concerns.

Breitbart’s report also highlights the broader implications of Hunter Biden’s advocacy. His push for his father to remain in the race comes at a time when many Democrats are questioning the viability of Joe Biden’s candidacy. Concerns about his age, cognitive abilities, and ability to effectively govern have been growing, leading to whispers within the party about alternative candidates for the 2024 election.

Hunter Biden’s own controversies add a layer of complexity to this scenario. His business dealings, particularly with foreign entities, have been a focal point of Republican criticism. The ongoing investigations into his activities cast a shadow over his father’s presidency, raising questions about ethical standards and transparency. The perception that Hunter is a key advisor to the president could exacerbate these issues, potentially harming Joe Biden’s re-election prospects.

Hunter Biden’s role in advising his father, coupled with his controversial background, underscores the importance of clear ethical boundaries in the administration. The Biden administration must address these concerns head-on to maintain public trust and uphold the principles of good governance.


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