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“I Can Take You, Too” Angry Joe Biden Threatens Reporter For Questioning His Old Age

Joe Biden threatened to assault a reporter who called him out for his old age.

According to the Gateway Pundit, TIME Magazine interviewed Joe Biden at the White House on May 28. Of course, it was a softball interview.

At one point the interviewer asked Biden about his old age. Biden didn’t take it well. He threatened the reporter:

The last two years of Presidents, two-term President’s tenure are usually focused on foreign affairs. You are 81 years old, and would be 86 by the time you left office. Large majorities of Americans, including in the Democratic Party, tell pollsters they think you are too old to lead. Could you really do this job as an 85-year old man?

Biden: I can do it better than anybody you know. You’re looking at me, I can take you too.

Did you consider not running again because of your age?

Biden: No, I didn’t.

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And what do you say to Americans who are worried about it?

Biden: Watch me. Look, name me a president that’s gotten as much done as I’ve gotten done in my first three and a half years. When all of you wrote in Time magazine I couldn’t get any of it done. When you told me there’s no pay, no way, no way he can get a trillion-plus dollar bill done in terms of, to deal with infrastructure, where there’s no way he gets $368 billion for dealing with the environment, where there’s no way I could get the, the, the legislation passed on.

Biden’s dementia is causing aggressive behavior.

Biden the bully routinely threatens President Trump and others who question him.

Biden’s verbal outbursts and the subsequent management by his aides highlight an administration on edge. While Biden’s defenders might argue that his reactions are human responses to persistent scrutiny, the frequency and intensity of these incidents cannot be ignored. They contribute to a growing perception of a presidency that is struggling with both internal and external pressures.

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As Biden faces the prospect of a re-election campaign, these moments of apparent vulnerability will undoubtedly be scrutinized. The American public, particularly conservative voters, view these incidents as indicative of a broader decline in his capacity to lead effectively. The interplay between Biden’s age and his ability to govern remains a critical point of debate, one that will shape the political discourse as the 2024 election approaches.

President Biden’s recent interactions with the press, marked by irritation and defensiveness, have intensified the discourse on his age and incompetence. These episodes, combined with challenging economic conditions and waning public confidence, paint a complex picture of a presidency under strain.


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