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Is President Trump Going To Three-Peat?

In sports, a three-peat is winning three consecutive championships or tournaments. The term, a portmanteau of the words three and repeat, originated with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball.

My question today is: Do you think President Donald J. Trump will three-peat by winning the presidency in 2024?

Here is why many Americans would answer the question with a resounding “YES.”

In 2012 – Barack Obama won re-election with 65,899,660 votes

In 2016 – Donald J. Trump won the presidency with 62,984,828 votes

In 2020 –  Biden “won” the presidency with 81,283,098, more than 15 million votes that Obama received.

Trump, who who blew out his 2016 numbers, came in at 74,222,958, but supposedly lost.

In a sane world based solely on logic, there is something glaringly wrong with the data concerning the 2020 election results.

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