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Italian Media Highlights Biden’s Health Concerns

An Italian newspaper has reported on videos highlighting President Joe Biden’s apparent decline in health, particularly noting his rigid movements. This report, surfacing amid rising concerns about the president’s physical and mental fitness, underscores the ongoing scrutiny Biden faces over his capability to lead effectively.

The article draws attention to recent observations of Biden’s physical behavior, which has increasingly become a focal point for critics. Breitbart News notes that these concerns are not new, as instances of Biden stumbling and tripping during public events have been well-documented. For example, his physical missteps have been a recurrent issue, prompting speculation about his overall health and ability to handle the rigorous demands of the presidency.

According to Breitbart,

The video went viral on social media platforms and apparently caught the attention of the foreign press.

Corriere Della Sera’s Viviana Mazza reported the scene in an article titled “Biden and the videos of his rigid movements. How is the president?”:

A video in which the G7 leaders are observing the paratroopers’ performance of the Folgore Brigade and Biden steps away for a moment, recalled by Giorgia Meloni, who touches his arm, has gone viral. Critics describe it as a moment in which he “gets distracted” and “wanders;” supporters note that, in reality, he only turned around for a moment to compliment one of the paratroopers.

Doubts about the age of the president, an 81-year-old man subjected to exhausting rhythms between international commitments and election campaigning, are not new to Americans. Also in a rare interview Biden gave to Time magazine last month, the author notes, following the president into the Oval Office, that “his stiff gait, muffled voice, erratic syntax clashes with the intense, talkative appearance from when he was a senator or vice president.” The Trump campaign focuses a lot on this: a video showing President Biden, who seems to try to sit on a chair that’s not there during the anniversary of the Normandy landings, that also went viral; but it was partial footage and therefore distorted, as the Associated Press noted, because in the complete one, the American president looks back, sees a chair, and sits down slowly after a pause. In other moments, such as the Juneteenth ceremony a few days ago at the White House, Biden smiles but is immobile and a little out of place, while everyone around him is dancing.

In an article published by the Wall Street Journal in the days past, Republican lawmakers, under anonymity, told anecdotes about the “slowness” and “yielding” of the 81-year-old American president in closed-door meetings in which they discussed issues such as funds for Ukraine and the debt ceiling. In one these meetings in January, the American president — the authors wrote — he had “a voice so faint that some people had difficulty hearing it, paused for a long time, and closed his eyes for so long that they wondered if he was still tuned.” A spokesman for Biden, Andrew Bates, defined the Republicans’ comments as “politically motivated” and said foreign leaders, experts, and even the same Republicans in Congress have recognized that Biden is “an expert leader,” and if he happens to retell the same story over again, he has always done it, even before he was 81-years-old.

Biden’s age, at 81, further exacerbates these concerns. Reports from Breitbart highlight a series of gaffes and corrections made by the White House following Biden’s speeches. These corrections, which have totaled 148 between January and April, reveal a pattern of verbal missteps and factual inaccuracies that cast doubt on his cognitive sharpness. During a speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Biden made several errors that had to be amended later, such as incorrectly stating he was vice president during the pandemic and mispronouncing several words​.

Additionally, Biden’s claim of being arrested during the civil rights movement, made on The Howard Stern Show, has been scrutinized and largely debunked by fact-checkers. This narrative inconsistency further fuels the debate over his mental reliability and the authenticity of his public statements​.

Polling data reinforces these concerns, with a significant portion of the American public questioning Biden’s fitness for a second term. A Harvard/Harris poll indicates that about one-third of Democrats doubt his mental fitness, while a Quinnipiac survey reveals that only a third of voters believe Biden is physically or mentally fit to serve another term​​.

Biden’s recent health evaluations, conducted by physician Kevin O’Connor, disclosed that he suffers from atrial fibrillation, peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and hyperlipidemia. These conditions, while managed, may contribute to his observed difficulties with balance and movement. His health status is a crucial issue for many voters, especially given the physical and mental demands of the presidency​​.

The increasing frequency of these health-related incidents and the subsequent media coverage continue to stir public and political discourse. The Italian newspaper’s focus on Biden’s rigid movements amplifies the narrative of a president whose physical and cognitive abilities are under constant examination.

It is glaringly obvious that President Biden is struggling with the basic demands of office. The visible manifestations of Biden’s health issues serve as a stark reminder of the importance of robust leadership, both physically and mentally, in the highest office of the land. The scrutiny of Biden’s health is not just a matter of public curiosity but a crucial factor in evaluating his capability to lead the nation effectively.


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