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Jimmy Kimmel Live Forced to Refilm After Code Pink Radicals Disrupt Kamala Harris and Are Then ‘ASSAULTED AND CHOKED’ by Security

Leftists were eating their own as last night’s live taping of Kamala Harris’ appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live descended into chaos and members of the left-wing activist group CODEPINK along with a coalition of far-left activists disrupted the show.

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According to The Gateway Pundit, CODEPINK, known for its radical opposition to U.S. military interventions and advocacy for social justice, joined forces with groups like Chino Valley for Palestinian Liberation, Pasadena for Palestine, and autonomous residents of Los Angeles to stage their protest.

Their message was clear: there can be no business as usual during what they term a “genocide in Gaza.”

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01″>Security personnel preemptively identified and removed a number of activists before Harris took the stage. However, the remaining protesters waited for her introduction to launch their demonstration.

Clown world on the Jimmy Kimmel set

What followed was a series of disruptions that saw activists forcibly removed, detained, and, according to some reports, physically assaulted by security staff.

According to the far-left group’s press release:

The activists were told they were under arrest, despite no one having Miranda rights read or anyone showing badges or authority to make an arrest. Activists were being illegally detained and were told to turn over their IDs.

When activists asserted their First Amendment rights and attempted to leave the premises, some were physically restrained with excessive force, and the gates of the building were locked by security, illegally imprisoning the peaceful demonstrators.

At one point, a security guard put one of the activists in chokehold until others were able to get him to release him. As clearly shown in the video, this act of violence was unprovoked and completely unnecessary.

The coalition of organizations demand The Jimmy Kimmel Show address and apologize for the unnecessary use of brutal force that left the man bruised and swollen.

After being detained in the building’s atrium, security finally unlocked the gates and released the activists without further incident. They joined the other previously removed activists outside for a Free Palestine rally.

 This incident is indicative of the inherent instability and continual contradictions within the left.

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