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Grandpa Joe and Pelosi Hold Hands As They Shuffle Across Airport Tarmac – VIDEO

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi took Joe Biden’s hand guiding him across the tarmac at San Franciso International Airport (SFO).

Biden arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon following a brief stop in Los Angeles.

Joe didn’t answer any questions from reporters.

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The corrupt Pelosi, 83, and Biden, 81, have collectively spent nearly 90 years in DC.

They eventually tenderly make their way onto Marine One en route to a campaign event at a private residence with wealthy donors.

Joe Biden can’t hold any campaign rallies because no one would show up – even in the radicalized city of San Francisco – so he gets shuttled around to homes of wealthy donors outside of public view.

Joe could barely function during his campaign stop in Culver City.

A confused Joe Biden shuffled around with his mouth agape as a reporter asked him about his State of the Union Address.

“Pardon me? What?” Biden said.

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Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass swooped in to save the day: “He’s gonna win re-election anyway!” she yelled out to reporters.

Biden’s handlers then shooed away the press since Biden cannot answer any questions.

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