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LA City Council Removes ‘Homophobic’ No U-turn Signs

In a recent report from Modernity News:

Los Angeles City Council has removed No U-turn signs from Silver Lake, claiming that they are homophobic.

How exactly is a road sign homophonic? Well, a long time ago there were some signs alongside the No U-turn ones that said ‘No cruising’.

They were considered to be directed at the gay community, and they were removed more than 20 years ago.

But that’s not enough, because the other road signs remind these people of the ‘No cruising’ ones… or something.

⁣LA City Took Down A Couple “No U-turn” Traffic Signs Because The Signs Are Anti-LGBTQ Video:

The controversy centers around the interpretation of the No U-turn signs, which some activists argued resembled symbols used in anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. The council’s decision follows a petition and several public hearings where advocates for the LGBTQ+ community expressed concerns about the potential for these signs to perpetuate negative stereotypes and sentiments.

Critics of the decision argue that it is an example of political correctness taken to an extreme. They contend that the primary function of traffic signs is to ensure road safety and manage traffic flow, not to serve as social statements. “This is a classic case of overreach,” commented Roger Wadsworth, a local business owner. “The signs are there for safety, not to make political statements. Removing them could lead to confusion and potentially hazardous driving conditions.”

The initiative is not without precedent. Cities across the country have been re-evaluating public symbols and names in recent years, with some removing or renaming monuments, buildings, and streets that honor controversial figures or reflect outdated societal values.

While it is important to consider the feelings and perspectives of all community members, the primary purpose of traffic signs should be to facilitate safe and efficient travel. The removal of these signs may set a precedent for future decisions where practical considerations are overshadowed by symbolic gestures.

This move might be seen as part of a broader cultural shift where traditional norms and symbols are being re-examined and, in some cases, discarded. This trend could lead to a slippery slope where the reinterpretation of everyday objects and symbols becomes overly subjective and politically charged.

This incident also underscores the evolving nature of public discourse and the increasing importance of community engagement in decision-making processes.


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