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Liberals Worried Conservative Judges Are Slow Walking Cases Against Trump

Just a year ago, the anti-Trump mob was blowing up the airways, broadcasting ongoing news stories and posting frequent comments on social media platforms.

A handful of radical influencers convinced their Communist devotees that the lawfare they were undertaking against former President Donald J. Trump would prevent the 45th President of the United States from winning a second term.

Well, the left did not take into consideration that a conservative judge overseeing a documents case against Trump in Florida and the 5+ right leaning Justices on the US Supreme Court might have a lot of say before November 5th.

In response to recent court rulings, Democrats across the country are fuming with anger over the recent decision by the Supreme Court to hear President Trump’s appeal in the case involving Jack Smith.

The SCOTUS decided to delay its ruling on former President Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity, potentially impacting the 2024 presidential election by postponing any trial regarding Trump’s actions to challenge the 2020 election outcome.

The high court’s decision to set the oral arguments for April 25, as reported, and anticipate a ruling by the end of its June term, comes despite the appeals court’s February 6 rejection of Trump’s immunity argument.

The delay potentially pushes any trial well into the election season, raising questions about the feasibility of conducting a trial before November’s Election Day.

The case, which has been a thorn in the side of the President since it was first brought to court, has once again sparked outrage among his opponents. However, from the perspective of those who support Donald Trump and believe he is a good President deserving of reelection, this latest development is a step in the right direction.

Jack Smith’s case against President Trump has been used as a political tool by Democrats ever since it was first filed.

They have seized upon every opportunity to paint the President as corrupt and unfit for office, using this case as ammunition in their ongoing crusade against him. But what they fail to understand is that this case is not about guilt or innocence – it is about due process and fairness.

In addition, liberal legal experts are worried about Trump’s documents case in Florida also not being adjudicated before the November 5th US Presidential election.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon is being accused of bungling the criminal classified case and letting it spiral out of control in favor of former President Donald Trump’s slow-walk to election strategy, according to some legal scholars.

The delay tactics in the case where the 45th president and Republican presumptive nominee, stands accused of hoarding several White House banker boxes filled with national secrets at his Mar-a-Lago club has dragged on to the point where some have lost faith in Cannon’s ability.

President Trump, like every American citizen, is entitled to a fair trial and a chance to defend himself against any allegations made against him. The Supreme Court’s decision to hear his appeal demonstrates that they recognize the importance of upholding these fundamental principles of justice.

This is not about letting a guilty man go free – it is about ensuring that everyone, regardless of their position or status, receives equal treatment under the law.

For those who support Donald Trump and believe in his presidency, this decision by the Supreme Court comes as a relief.

It shows that our legal system still values fairness and due process, even in the face of intense political pressure. It also highlights the resilience and determination of President Trump, who has faced relentless attacks from his opponents since taking office.

The Democrats’ outrage over this decision only serves to underscore their desperation and lack of faith in our institutions. Instead of respecting the judicial process and allowing it to run its course, they have resorted to character assassination and political grandstanding.

Their refusal to accept any outcome that does not align with their preconceived notions only further divides our country and undermines the very fabric of our democracy.

As we approach another election year, it is more important than ever that we focus on facts rather than emotions when evaluating our leaders. President Trump has achieved significant successes during his time in office – from record-low unemployment rates to historic peace agreements in the Middle East. His commitment to putting America first and standing up for our values should be commended, not maligned.

The Democrats’ obsession with bringing down President Trump at all costs only serves to distract from the real issues facing our nation. We should be focusing on solutions for healthcare, education, national security, and economic growth – not engaging in petty political battles that do nothing but sow division and discord.

In conclusion, while Democrats may be upset with the Supreme Court’s handling of President Trump’s appeal in Jack Smith’s case, those who support him see it as a victory for justice and due process. As we move closer to another election cycle, let us remember to focus on what truly matters – building a stronger America for all its citizens.

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