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Pro-Palestinian Woman (Man) From El Savador Opens Fire In Joel Osteen’s Lakewood MegaChurch

In what has received national attention, a citizen of El Salvador who is struggling with gender dysphoria, who has been arrested several times resulting in a long criminal record, decided to try to kill Christians with an AR-15 that had a sticker promoting Palestinians on it.

The female shooter who attacked Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Mega-Church in Houston, Texas has been identified as 36-year-old Genesse Moreno, a 36-year-old “transgender immigrant”.

The suspect entered the church with her 7-year-old son, and she may have pointed her weapon at a security officer to force her way into the church, police said.

According to ABC News, Moreno opened fire with an AR-15, with a sticker saying “Palestine” on it, at 1:55 p.m., police said.

Two off-duty officers fired back, striking the suspect, police said. She was pronounced dead at 2:07 p.m., police said.

The 7-year-old was shot in the head and is “fighting for his life” in critical condition, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said Monday.


According to multiple independent sources speaking to KHOU 11’s Jeremy Rogalski, the murderer had “previously identified as Jeffery Escalante.”

KHOU 11 indicated that they discovered the references to Jeffery Escalante during a Texas Department of Public Safety Records search on Moreno.

The station also found her prior arrest records stretching back to 200, including “arrests…[for] failure to stop and give information, assault of a public servant, assault causing bodily injury, forgery, possession of marijuana, theft, evading arrest unlawful carrying weapon.’


Breitbart News did a follow-up search of the Texas Department of Public Safety Records and found that in one entry, the name appeared as “Jeffrey” instead of “Jeffery.”

Some antisemitic writings have also been recovered, but a motive behind the Sunday afternoon shooting has not been determined, according to police.

“We do believe that there was a familial dispute that has taken place between her ex-husband and her ex-husband’s family,” some of whom are Jewish, police said.

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