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Reporter William J. Kelly – National Sheriffs’ Assoc. Confirms Estimated 2 Million Terrorists Have Entered the US

A law enforcement source just came back from the National Sheriffs’ Association’s winter conference and confirmed to me this morning that an estimated 2M suspected terrorists have crossed the border and are currently in the U.S.

I’ve contacted the FBI’s Chicago office for comment on this statistic and whether #Chicago and other sanctuary cities are under a heightened #terrorism alert. That begs the question: Are Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, Gov. JB Pritzker, and other U.S. politicians potentially subsidizing terrorism by spending millions of dollars to house, feed, and care for #migrants?

Mayors Lightfoot and Johnson have already spent more than $195M on migrant vendor contracts and Gov. Pritzker is planning to spend $2.2 billion on migrant specialty food preparation, rental assistance, and healthcare.

I guess even terrorists need to eat. You can’t make this stuff up! #thatreporter

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