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Shocking Details Outlined By Dr. Phil on Joe Rogan’s Podcast About The Border Crisis

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In a recent podcast episode featuring Joe Rogan and Dr. Phil, disturbing details about the ongoing crisis at the southern border emerged.

The conversation included an interview with Brandon Judd, President of The National Border Patrol Council, who provided insight into troubling practices and policies currently in place.

The discussion revealed alarming information about the treatment and fate of children arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, sparking outrage and concern among conservative audiences.

Joe Rogan and Dr. Phil Reveal SHOCKING Details about the Border Crisis! video:

One of the most shocking revelations discussed was the Biden administration’s termination of Rapid DNA testing used to verify familial relationships between children and accompanying adults. This policy change has raised significant concerns about the potential for child trafficking.

Without DNA verification, there is no way to confirm if the adults with the children are indeed their relatives. Judd emphasized the gravity of this situation, stating, “There’s a very good possibility that they’re being trafficked…that they’re going into sex industry or they’re being forced into sweatshops.”

Another distressing detail brought to light was that children are arriving at the border with specific addresses written on their bodies. No verification is conducted to determine who resides at these addresses or if they are legitimate contacts.

This lack of oversight raises serious questions about the safety and welfare of these minors. Dr. Phil, addressing this issue, remarked, “We knowingly are spending our tax dollars to sell children…How, under any theory, is that okay for us to be spending tax dollars to traffick children?”

The scale of the crisis is further underscored by a March 2023 report from the Council on Foreign Relations, which stated that more than 152,000 unaccompanied minors were found at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022, marking an all-time high.

These children were separated from their friends or family, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Disturbingly, it has been reported that at least 85,000 of these children have gone missing, raising alarms about their fate and well-being.

These revelations highlight significant policy failures and the need for immediate reform. The decision to halt Rapid DNA testing and the apparent neglect in verifying the addresses written on children’s bodies are seen as gross missteps by the current administration.

These practices not only endanger the children but also suggest a troubling use of taxpayer dollars to facilitate potential trafficking activities.

Critics argue that these policies reflect a broader disregard for national security and the rule of law. The Biden administration’s approach to border management is perceived as lenient and ineffective, contributing to a humanitarian crisis that places vulnerable children at risk. The need for robust border security measures and stringent verification processes is paramount to protect these minors and uphold the integrity of the immigration system.

The implications of these findings extend beyond the immediate crisis at the border. They raise critical questions about the moral and ethical responsibilities of the government in managing immigration and protecting vulnerable populations. The failure to implement effective safeguards and oversight mechanisms not only undermines public trust but also jeopardizes the fundamental principles of justice and human rights.

The situation at the southern border is emblematic of a broader ideological struggle over immigration policy and national sovereignty. The perceived leniency and lack of accountability in the current administration’s policies are seen as contributing factors to the crisis, necessitating a reevaluation of strategies and priorities.

The revelations from the Joe Rogan and Dr. Phil podcast have galvanized calls for action and accountability. There is a growing demand for the reinstatement of Rapid DNA testing and comprehensive verification procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of children arriving at the border. Additionally, there is a pressing need for greater transparency and oversight in the use of taxpayer dollars to prevent the facilitation of trafficking activities.

The conversation between Rogan, Dr. Phil, and Brandon Judd serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges and complexities associated with the southern border crisis. It underscores the necessity for effective policies that prioritize the protection of vulnerable populations while upholding the principles of justice and national security.


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