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Snopes Reverses ‘fact check’ After Ashley Biden Reveals in Letter to Judge Her Stolen Diary is Authentic

In a striking turn of events that underscores the importance of journalistic integrity, Snopes, a long-standing arbiter of truth in the digital age, has been compelled to reverse its stance on the authenticity of Ashley Biden’s diary.

This reversal comes after Ashley Biden herself confirmed the diary’s legitimacy in a letter to a judge, casting a glaring spotlight on the precarious nature of fact-checking in politically charged environments.

The diary, which reportedly contains personal details and reflections from President Joe Biden’s daughter, was initially dismissed by Snopes as part of a “stolen materials” claim that could not be substantiated.

However, this narrative took an abrupt shift when Ashley Biden’s own admission in her letter to the judge corroborated the existence and authenticity of the diary. The implications are profound: what was once brushed aside as potentially fabricated material is now acknowledged as genuine, raising questions about premature judgments and the rush to discredit uncomfortable truths.

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The letter from Ashley Biden stated, “I am deeply saddened that I even have to write this letter because my personal private journal was stolen and sold for profit.”


Adding to her words, she also declared that the diary will be used to “peddle grotesque lies by distorting my stream-of-consciousness thoughts.”

“Was I molested?” She had written in the diary. She also stated that she had been hyper-sexualized” as a child and had taken “probably not appropriate” showers with her father, Joe Biden.

The letter from the president’s daughter also stated, “After being the victim of a crime in my early twenties, I developed PTSD. The journal that was stolen was part of my efforts to heal. I am a private citizen, targeted only because my father happened to be running to be President. In other words, the extensive work I have done to move past my trauma was undone by Ms. Harris’s actions. The defendant’s actions have created a constant environment of anxiety, fear, and intimidation in which my innermost thoughts are constantly distorted and manipulated.”

Snopes’ initial fact-check labeled claims about the diary’s existence as “unproven,” a stance they maintained until evidence surfaced that contradicted their assessment. The Post Millennial reports that following Ashley Biden’s confirmation, Snopes updated their rating to “mixture,” acknowledging both the existence of the diary and its theft. This update is not merely a change in classification; it represents an acknowledgment that even fact-checking institutions can fall prey to biases or incomplete information.

The saga began when Project Veritas published pages from what it claimed was Ashley Biden’s diary just days before the 2020 presidential election. The contents allegedly included candid discussions about family matters and personal struggles. Critics argued that such revelations could have had significant political ramifications if verified before Election Day. Yet, mainstream media outlets largely ignored or dismissed these claims without thorough investigation.

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This oversight—or deliberate omission—by major news organizations did not go unnoticed by conservative circles. They argue it exemplifies a broader pattern where stories potentially damaging to liberal figures receive less scrutiny or are downplayed compared to those concerning conservative individuals. The selective skepticism applied by some fact-checkers and media outlets feeds into concerns over media bias and double standards within public discourse.

Moreover, this incident raises critical questions about privacy violations and journalistic ethics. While there is no denying that theft is a criminal act deserving condemnation, one cannot help but ponder over how different types of information are treated based on their potential impact on public figures—especially those with close ties to current political power structures.

It is essential to recognize that while Project Veritas has faced criticism for its methods and has been accused by opponents of engaging in deceptive practices under the guise of investigative journalism, this does not negate the veracity of all its findings. In this instance, their assertion regarding Ashley Biden’s diary has been vindicated through her own admission—a development that should prompt reflection on how quickly certain narratives are accepted or rejected based on ideological leanings rather than evidentiary standards.

In lightening speed compared to traditional news cycles, Snopes’ retraction serves as both an admonition against hasty conclusions and an affirmation for those who champion diligent inquiry over partisan reflexes. It also stands as a testament to how facts can eventually pierce through layers of dismissal if given due diligence—a principle at heart for many who hold conservative values dear.


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