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Social Media Blowing Up Claiming “Jacked Up Joe” Was Screaming, Extreme & Drugged Up For SOTU

Following a bizarre State of The Union Address during which Joe Biden spent a lot of time shouting and raging.

Republicans responded by suggesting that the president’s handlers had him drugged up in order to avoid the kind of low energy gaffe filled snoozefest Biden appearances everyone is used to.

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Trump reacted to Biden’s demeanor during the speech, noting “He looks so angry when he’s talking, which is a trait of people who know they are ‘losing it.’ The anger and shouting is not helpful to bringing our Country back together!”


Trump also called the speech “hate filled”:

Later, Trump suggested that the drugs were wearing off:

Fox News host Sean Hannity labelled Biden “jacked up Joe”

He also suggested Biden was “charitably over caffeinated”.

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GOP Senator Ted Cruz called the speech “astonishing,” adding “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“It was a campaign speech, but it was an exceptionally bad campaign speech. Joe Biden was angry. He was bitter. He was screaming, as you noted. The entire night he was radical and extreme, and he was completely out of touch with the American people,” Cruz further charged.

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Cruz urged “Frankly tonight Joe Biden reminded me like an angry old man standing on his porch, screaming to the kids, “Get off my lawn!” That’s who he was.”

Even CNN concurred:

Speaker Mike Johnson, who couldn’t contain his reactions while sat behind Biden, called the address a “campaign speech and a pretty vitriolic one.”

Conservative political commentator Victor Davis Hanson told Tucker Carlson that Biden is “only coherent when he’s full of venom.”

Carlson himself described Biden’s speech as “possibly the darkest and most un-American speech ever given by an American president.”

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