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Steve Bannon Predicts Leftists Will Sentence Trump To “Multiple Years In Prison”

In a stark warning that reverberates through the conservative community, Steve Bannon, a prominent figure on the political right and former advisor to President Donald Trump, has sounded the alarm over what he perceives as an orchestrated effort by leftists to incarcerate the former president. Bannon’s prediction is not merely a casual remark; it is a chilling forecast of “multiple years in prison” for Donald Trump, a scenario that would undoubtedly send shockwaves across the nation.

Steve Bannon Predicts Leftists Will Sentence Trump To “Multiple Years In Prison” Video:




Speaking at Turning Point Action’s “The People’s Convention” in Detroit, Bannon warned “You know on the 11th of July, they’re gonna sentence him for multiple years in prison. You understand that, right?”

“They don’t care about this election, they don’t care how many votes we get. They’re gonna fight us every step of the way,” Bannon further proclaimed.

He added, “Winning in November is just the first step. From November fifth to the sixth, Jamie Raskin is going to try to steal the election on January 6th. They’re already talking about it right now.”

“They’re already going to say, ‘President Trump’s an insurrectionist and we will never certify an election of an insurrectionist,” Bannon further predicted.

“We’re going to get every single receipt. And to the fullest extension of the law, you’re going to be investigated, prosecuted, and incarcerated,” Bannon vowed, adding “This has nothing to do with retribution. It has nothing to do with revenge… this has to do with justice.”

Bannon’s comments come in the wake of a Rasmussen poll last week that found a whopping two-thirds of Americans believe the outcome of the 2024 US presidential election will be affected by cheating.

The survey found that of those two thirds, 40 percent are ‘very concerned,’ and only thirty-one percent aren’t concerned, including just 14 percent who said they are ‘not at all concerned’ about cheating in the election.

The backdrop to Bannon’s dire forecast is an array of investigations surrounding Trump. From inquiries into his business dealings to probes into his actions surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot, there is no shortage of legal challenges facing the former president. Each carries its own set of potential penalties and each adds another layer to what some conservatives view as a politically motivated witch hunt.

It’s important to note that these concerns are not without precedent or reason. The use of legal systems to target political opponents is well-documented throughout history and often signals deeper democratic erosions. For those on the right, this isn’t just about protecting Trump; it’s about safeguarding democracy from what they perceive as its weaponization by political adversaries.

Moreover, Bannon’s predictions tap into broader anxieties over free speech and political expression within conservative circles. If indeed Trump were sentenced to prison on such charges, it could set a chilling effect on how political discourse is conducted in America—where lines between vehement opposition and criminal conduct may become dangerously blurred.

While critics might dismiss Bannon’s statements as hyperbolic or conspiratorial, they resonate with many who feel marginalized in today’s political landscape—a landscape where conservative voices are routinely silenced or punished for their beliefs.

As this narrative unfolds, one must consider both its immediate impact on American politics and its long-term consequences for civil liberties. The prospect of imprisoning a former president based on charges related to insurrection or sedition would undoubtedly raise questions about impartiality within the justice system and potentially deepen partisan divides.


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