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Support Mike! MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Continues Fight For Election Integrity

In the tumultuous aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, one man has emerged as a steadfast champion of election integrity – Mike Lindell.

I was on a call on Thursday with Rock Star Ted Nugent and Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs and I could sense the genuine fear in their voices as we discussed the upcoming election, the fate of President Trump and the attacks on Mike Lindell for his push for election integrity.

The CEO of MyPillow has not wavered in his commitment to uncovering the truth behind what many believe to be a flawed and fraudulent election process. Despite facing relentless criticism and attacks from those who seek to silence him, Lindell continues to press forward with unwavering determination.

Lindell’s latest endeavor in his quest for transparency and accountability in our electoral system is the most important national election case set to be heard at the Supreme Court of the United States. His attorney team has been diligently preparing for this pivotal moment, gathering evidence and building a compelling case that aims to shed light on the alleged malfeasance that marred the 2020 election.

The significance of this case cannot be overstated. It represents a crucial opportunity to address the concerns of millions of Americans who have lost faith in our electoral process. Lindell understands the gravity of this moment and is fully committed to presenting a strong case before the highest court in the land.

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The importance of this SCOTUS case cannot be emphasized enough. It promises to bring forth new evidence of machine malfeasance that has remained hidden from public view. The revelations that may come to light during this case could have far-reaching implications for our democracy and future elections.

As part of his efforts to rally support for his cause, Lindell recently participated in a round table discussion, with Steve Bannon moderating. The event provides an opportunity for Lindell to present key arguments and evidence related to election integrity while also addressing any potential challenges or criticisms that may arise.

One key aspect that Lindell has been advocating for is the switch to paper ballots as a more secure method of voting. There are three prime reasons why he believes paper ballots are essential for restoring confidence in our elections.

  1. Paper ballot hand-counted ballots provide a clear chain of custody that can be quickly investigated in case of any discrepancies in counting. This transparency ensures that every vote is properly accounted for and helps maintain the integrity of the electoral process.
  2. Electronic voting machines have come under scrutiny for their vulnerability to hacking and manipulation. Numerous court cases and public exposes have highlighted their inherent insecurity, raising serious doubts about their reliability. In contrast, paper ballot hand counts involve real people with personal investment in ensuring accurate results, making it a more trustworthy method.
  3. Using paper ballots aligns with what the majority of Americans support. Surveys have shown that there is widespread skepticism towards electronic voting machines, with many expressing concerns about their susceptibility to tampering. By transitioning to paper ballots, we can address these legitimate concerns and demonstrate our commitment to fair and transparent elections.
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2 Sign the largest petition in American history:

There is no greater safeguard of democracy and freedom than secure and transparent elections. No matter where you stand on the issue of election integrity, one tried-and-true voting method provides optimal accountability and assurance.

That is why citizens across the nation are petitioning for paper ballots and hand-counted tallies.

Paper can’t be hacked, and hand-counted ballots can be verified with ease.

Please join us in this historic petition to return our nation’s elections to the foundations upon which our free republic was built, and the restoration of confidence in fair elections!

The Lindell Offense Fund will be tracking and tallying petitions and communicating results with media in real time.

Our representative form of government elevates the will of the People via fair, transparent elections, but also in allowing them to have a say in how those elections are administered. With the controversy surrounding recent elections, many believe that the only truly secure method is with paper ballots which are hand-counted.

If you agree, please sign this Petition addressed to your county commissioners, supervisors, and/or administrators to secure the 2024 election. Your time is valuable, so to thank you for participating in the Petition Project, I’ll send you a free $20 gift that will change your life!

Mike Lindell’s continued fight for election integrity serves as a beacon of hope for those who value free and fair elections. His unwavering dedication to uncovering the truth behind the 2020 election demonstrates his courage and conviction in standing up against powerful forces seeking to undermine democracy.

As we await the outcome of this crucial SCOTUS case, let us stand united in support of Mike Lindell’s efforts to uphold election integrity and protect our democratic principles.

The future of our nation’s electoral system hangs in the balance, and it is up to all patriotic Americans to ensure that justice prevails and trust is restored in our democratic process.

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