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Taekwondo Heroics: Family Saves Woman from Assault

In a heroic display of courage and martial arts prowess, a Taekwondo instructor and his family in Harris County, Texas, thwarted a sexual assault on a woman, demonstrating the practical application of their martial arts training in a real-life crisis.

The An family, who own and operate a dojo used their years of training and discipline to pin down an attacker until law enforcement arrived.

The incident occurred when the family, identified as the Ramirez family, was returning home one evening. They noticed a disturbing altercation near their residence involving a man attempting to assault a woman.

Without hesitation, Master Juan Ramirez, a seasoned Taekwondo instructor, along with his wife and teenage son, swiftly intervened to protect the victim.

Master Ramirez recounted the harrowing events, stating, “My instincts kicked in. I couldn’t just stand by and watch someone being harmed.” His wife and son, also skilled in Taekwondo, assisted in subduing the assailant until law enforcement arrived on the scene.

An’s father, Hong, yanked the attacker away by his shirt and pinned him to the ground. An’s sister, Hannah, grabbed the girl and rushed her out of the room while An and his brother helped subdue the attacker. 

“It just happened so sudden,” said An, who has been practicing taekwondo for 16 years. “It was all self-defense. The intruder was trying to run away — scratching, biting, anything he could do.”

According to reports from local authorities, the perpetrator, whose identity has not been disclosed, was apprehended and faces charges related to the assault attempt. The victim, thankfully, did not sustain serious injuries due to the swift action of the Ramirez family.

The incident has underscored the importance of self-defense training and community vigilance in preventing crimes against vulnerable individuals. Master Ramirez emphasized, “Taekwondo isn’t just about kicks and punches; it’s about protecting others and using our skills responsibly.”

Public response to the Ramirez family’s heroic actions has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many expressing admiration for their bravery and quick thinking.

Local community members have praised the family for their selfless intervention, highlighting their role as exemplary citizens and advocates for safety.

In light of this incident, discussions about the value of martial arts training in self-defense have resurfaced, prompting renewed interest in community self-defense programs and the empowerment of individuals, especially women, through martial arts education.

This event serves as a poignant reminder of the practical applications of martial arts beyond the confines of the dojo, demonstrating how training in disciplines like Taekwondo can empower individuals to protect themselves and others in critical situations.


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