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Target Removes Pride Items Sold By Satanist Designer After Cultural Backlash

One would have to believe that a corporation with over $100 billion in annual sales would vet their vendors.

I guess not as Target has removed “pride” themed items associated with the satanist designer Abprallen following the backlash it received over the partnership.

Target’s pride collection has remained the subject of criticism following its rollout, as it offers an array of items for children and babies as well as transgender swimsuits for adults with “tuck-friendly” and “light-binding” effects. But in the midst of the pride-themed onesies, socks, shoes, and swimsuits were at least two items by the U.K.-based designer Abprallen.

The individual behind the brand identifies as a transgender gay man — a biological woman attracted to males — and satanist, even paying homage to the satanic figure Baphomet and asserting that “Satan respects pronouns.”

While that design was not offered at Target stores, the woke company offered two designs from the designer — a top reading “Cure Transphobia Not Trans People” and a tote bag reading “Too Queer for Here.” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) was among those who criticized Target’s decision to push this agenda.

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