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Trump Launches Website To Fact-Check Biden During Debate

In a strategic move emblematic of his confrontational style, on Thursday former President Donald Trump’s team launched a crucial website to give real time updates and fact checks if Biden is caught lying. The presidential debate will take place Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET, on CNN.

This initiative underscores Trump’s commitment to holding his opponent accountable and ensuring that the American public is not misled by what he perceives as Biden’s frequent misrepresentations.

“Biden has been doing political debates for 50 years, having taken part in at least 40 debates since 1972,” the website reads. “His performances are often filled with lies – about himself, about statistics, about his record, and about events that never took place.”

The newly unveiled website, “Fact Check Biden,” aims to serve as a real-time repository of information to counter Biden’s statements during debates. According to Trump’s campaign, the site will provide instant fact-checks and corrections, offering the public what they describe as an unvarnished truth.

This digital strategy is indicative of Trump’s broader approach to his 2024 campaign, where he emphasizes transparency and direct communication with voters.

Trump’s spokesperson remarked on the necessity of such a platform, stating, “Joe Biden has a long history of fabricating stories and misleading the American people. This website will ensure that every false claim he makes during the debates is promptly addressed and corrected”.

The presidential debate will take place Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET, on CNN.

This move has been met with varied reactions. Proponents argue that the website is an essential tool for accountability in a political landscape often marred by misinformation. They contend that mainstream media outlets, with their perceived liberal bias, have failed to scrutinize Biden’s claims adequately. By providing a dedicated fact-checking resource, Trump’s campaign seeks to fill this void and offer voters a reliable source of information.

Critics, however, suggest that the website might serve more as a partisan tool than a genuine fact-checking resource. They argue that fact-checking is inherently subjective, often influenced by political leanings. These detractors fear that the site could perpetuate selective information dissemination, tailored to fit Trump’s narrative.

Despite these criticisms, the website’s launch has invigorated Trump’s supporters, who view it as a testament to his commitment to transparency and accountability. One supporter noted, “This is exactly what we need in our political discourse. Biden’s been getting away with too much for too long. Finally, someone is stepping up to hold him accountable”.

This development also highlights a broader trend in modern politics, where digital platforms are increasingly utilized to influence public perception and counteract opponents. Trump’s adept use of social media and digital tools has been a hallmark of his political career, allowing him to bypass traditional media gatekeepers and speak directly to his base.

The creation of “The Real Joe Biden” website is a continuation of this strategy, leveraging technology to shape the narrative and ensure his messages reach a broad audience.

The debate stage, traditionally a battleground for ideas and policies, is now also a stage for digital warfare. Trump’s website is poised to be a significant player in this arena, providing a running commentary and rebuttal to Biden’s assertions. This real-time fact-checking mechanism is expected to add a new layer of complexity to the debates, as both candidates will now be aware that their statements are being scrutinized and analyzed instantaneously.

From a conservative perspective, this initiative is seen as a necessary corrective to a media environment that often shields left-leaning politicians from rigorous scrutiny. The belief is that traditional media has failed to hold Biden accountable to the same standards applied to conservative figures. Thus, Trump’s website is viewed as a vital tool in leveling the playing field and ensuring a fairer political discourse.

It is also worth noting that this approach aligns with Trump’s broader critique of the mainstream media.

Throughout his political career, he has consistently argued that the media is biased against him and other conservatives. By creating his own fact-checking platform, Trump bypasses what he considers a hostile media landscape and directly engages with the electorate.

In sum, the launch of “The Real Joe Biden” website is a significant development in the 2024 presidential race. It not only showcases Trump’s innovative use of digital platforms but also reflects a broader conservative critique of media bias and the need for greater accountability in political discourse. As the debates unfold, this website will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and influencing voter perceptions.


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