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United Airlines Passenger Ejected for Misgendering: Airline Policy Enforcement or Overreach?

A recent incident involving United Airlines has sparked significant controversy after a woman claimed she was removed from a flight for misgendering an employee.

The woman, known as Jenna Longoria and a social media personality with over 20,000 Instagram followers, detailed her experience on social media, alleging that she and her family were kicked off a flight due to a perceived misgendering incident.

Woman “misgendered”United Flight Attendant Got Kicked off Flight! Video:

According to Longoria, the conflict began when she addressed a flight attendant as “sir.” This single word, she claims, led to a series of events culminating in her removal from the flight. Longoria stated that the airline accused her of committing a hate crime and warned that she might be permanently banned from flying with United Airlines.

United Airlines, however, provided a different account of the events. A spokesperson for the airline suggested that the issue revolved around the family having too many carry-on items, rather than any incident of misgendering. “A party of three traveling out of San Francisco today was not allowed to board following a discussion about having too many carry-on items. The matter was resolved and the customers took a later United flight to finish their trip,” the spokesperson explained.

Despite United’s statement, Longoria’s account has gained traction, particularly among conservative commentators who view the incident as an example of overreach and excessive political correctness. Critics argue that the airline’s response was disproportionate and indicative of a broader trend towards enforcing ideological conformity at the expense of common sense and customer service.

Longoria is a prominent women’s health specialist known as ‘The Period Guru’

Commentators like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder have pointed to this incident as a cautionary tale about the dangers of prioritizing ideological sensitivity over practical considerations. “When airlines start policing language to this extent, it creates a chilling effect on free speech and imposes an unreasonable burden on passengers to navigate ever-shifting linguistic norms,” Shapiro remarked.

Louder with Crowder,

‘It was “Thank you, sir.”

That was the sole exchange that caused the “mam” to hold her mother back and prevent her from boarding the plane.

There was no ill intent or any implication that she was trying to own the libs, it was a totally normal exchange that some narcissistic, attention-seeking employee had to use to turn himself into a victim.

How irrelevant does someone have to be to try this hard to make themselves relevant? Because at this point it seems personal.

And it’s even more annoying because the only people who complain about being “misgendered” are the actual ones misgendering but that is neither here nor there.

If your whole identity and self-worth are so fragile that your entire world crumbles the moment you are not affirmed by strangers, that is a PERSONAL PROBLEM.

It’s even more likely she is telling the truth because the CEO is trash.’

Moreover, the involvement of high-profile social media figures in these incidents underscores the role of public perception and online influence in shaping narratives around such events. Longoria’s substantial following has amplified her claims, drawing attention to what many see as an overreaction by the airline. The incident also raises questions about the consistency and transparency of airline policies regarding passenger conduct and the handling of complaints.

The broader context of this incident includes United Airlines’ public commitments to diversity and inclusion, as well as its efforts to address historical imbalances within its workforce. United CEO Scott Kirby has previously emphasized the importance of considering race and gender in hiring practices, lamenting the predominance of white males in the industry. While these efforts aim to foster a more inclusive environment, they also attract scrutiny and criticism from those who view them as tokenistic or discriminatory.

The employee is seen telling Longoria: ‘I gotta fact find. I gotta get my crews together. In flight has to get their statements. I need statements. I don’t want to go verbal about what I thought I heard’

The controversy surrounding Longoria’s removal from the flight thus taps into deeper societal debates about the balance between inclusion and individual rights. The conservative viewpoint stresses that policies intended to protect certain groups should not come at the expense of others’ freedoms and that a more measured approach is necessary to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all passengers.

The incident involving Jenna Longoria and United Airlines has ignited a robust debate about the intersection of airline policies, free speech, and ideological enforcement


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