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Biden Approval Rating On Handling Immigration Drops To Record Low 32%

For the Communists pulling the puppet strings of Joe Biden, primarily Barack Hussein Obama, the massive planned invasion that has already let 8+ million illegal aliens stream across the US southern border has been a huge success.

But for most American citizens, Biden has been a colossal disaster when it comes to his handling of immigration.

CBS News just released the results of its latest poll, and it shows that President Biden’s overall approval levels on immigration have fallen 12 points since May to their lowest level ever, signaling a crisis for an incumbent seeking reelection on an issue that’s increasingly important to the electorate.

Only 32 percent of Americans said in the new CBS News poll released Sunday that they approved of Biden’s handling of the border — an all-time low for the president on this question.


The poll also found that 45 percent of Americans see the border situation as a crisis, and another 30 percent view it as a serious problem.

Sixty-three percent said it should be tougher for migrants to cross the border into the U.S. while just 16 percent said it should be easier.


Americans’ sentiments toward immigrants were ultimately more negative, according to the new poll.

Nearly 50 percent said immigrants crossing at the border will make American society “worse in the long run,” while 22 percent suggested it would be better.

In addition, 57 percent said they disapproved of sending migrants to northern states.

However, 53 percent of Republicans approved of the action as Republican-led states continue to send migrants to Democratic-led cities in the north.

The Center For Immigration Studies Commented:

What Should Be Done with the Migrants? YouGov also asked about what should be done with the migrants apprehended at the Southwest border, and again the responses tell quite the tale.

A majority, 57 percent, disapproved of efforts by southern and border states to send released migrants to northern cities and states, while 43 percent approved of such schemes. There may be some NIMBYism involved there on the part of respondents in northern cities and states who don’t want those migrants to become their problem.

Unfortunately, the responses are not broken down by region, but there is support for that conclusion elsewhere in the poll. A similar majority, 55 percent of those polled, oppose any “plan to try to find temporary housing and social services for migrants in the city or town where” they live.

So, what do those polled think the federal government should be doing with migrants who enter illegally and seek asylum?

A plurality of respondents, 44 percent, believe that illegal migrants seeking asylum should be forced to leave the United States and wait for a decision on whether they can come legally or not (basically the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which Biden ended), while 13 percent take a harder line and say those migrants should leave the country “without a court hearing” and with “no chance to return or stay illegally”.

Just 43 percent of those polled said those migrants should stay here “while waiting for a court hearing to decide if they can stay legally or not”. Curiously, however, there was no discussion in that poll as to whether those aliens should be detained (which the law requires) while awaiting the outcome of their asylum hearings or released.

The poll was conducted for CBS News by survey outfit YouGov and involved 2,158 U.S. adults. The margin of error was +/- 2.8 points.

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