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DOJ Finally Gives Up, Throws Bidens Under The Bus

Nearly four years after the damning evidence of Biden family corruption on Hunter Biden’s laptop was disclosed in 2020, President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice admitted in a court filing on Tuesday that the Mac and its contents are real.

If you’ve been following this story since it broke in October 2020, you know there was never any true reason to doubt The New York Post’s reporting or the word of the Delaware computer repair shop owner that the abandoned Mac belonged to Hunter.

Yet truth was no defense. The Post was quickly banned from social media for spreading “disinformation” — a decision based on actual disinformation — and dozens of U.S. intelligence officials rushed to back the censorship. So did Joe Biden.

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The DOJ’s confirmation the laptop’s contents came from Hunter arrives years after complicit media outlets quietly admitted the truth about the computer in 2022, and even longer after conservative media verified the laptop’s authenticity ahead of 2020 election day.

The DOJ’s acknowledgment that Hunter’s laptop was “left at a computer store” and contained “duplicative information investigators had already obtained from Apple” further vindicates the IRS whistleblowers, who were also relentlessly smeared for speaking up.

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