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Dozens of Chinese, Syrian And Turkey Migrants Entering US Illegally Said They’re Here To ‘Take The Money’

Shocking images and video taken in California this weekend show Chinese migrants lined up at the border town of Jacumba and telling reporters shamelessly how they’re here to ‘take the money’.

More successful asylum claims in the US are made by Chinese migrants than any other nationality, according to government data

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Dozens and dozens, possibly up to hundreds of migrants, crossed the international boundary, according to Griff Jenkins of Fox News, who recorded the footage.

The high success rate of Chinese asylum claims is a long-standing trend, but it has come under the spotlight following a spike in illegal crossings by Chinese migrants last year

‘This is one of the largest groups of Chinese I have ever come across and there were […] two groups at the same time crossing in Jacumba, CA,’ the correspondent tweeted last week.

Two large groups of migrants, a new phenomenon seen at the border, arrived in Jacumba, California on Feb. 15, as witnessed by Fox News

More than 150 Chinese nationals a day have been sneaking into the US illegally since October, according to startling US Customs and Border Protection statistics.

Dozens of Chinese migrants showed up at one time, as a there has been a recent surge in migrants from China arriving at the US-Mexico border

The 2023 fiscal year reportedly saw over 37,000 Chinese migrants encountered at the border – with a staggering 20,000 more since October, when the 2024 fiscal year began.

More than 150 Chinese nationals a day are sneaking into the US illegally since October, according to startling new US Customs and Border Protection statistics

The Chinese surge is part of a historic and overwhelming wave of migrants across the Southern Border of the country since 2021.

The US is seeing more migrants – and from more countries – than ever before, federal data shows.

The migrants are headed to the west coast because that’s may be their final destination, Border Congressman Tony Gonzales (R, Texas) told

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‘As I’ve spoken to different agencies about why some communities (groups of migrants) go one place and others go another, one: it depends on what cartel controls that pipeline,’ Gonzales explained.

When asked why he’d come to America, one young man from Guangzhou replied: ‘To take the money’

‘It’s very clear that the Sinaloa Cartel is the one controlling that operation and sending Chinese more towards the California corridor…California/Arizona corridor that they control. That’s half of the equation.

Others arriving in Jacumba had come from Turkey and Syria. Border Patrol Agents previously warned Washington lawmakers that it is impossible for them to vet everyone who enters the country because the numbers are so out of control

‘The other half is where is the population going to go. Where are the large populations of Asian Americans tend to be– in California, New York is another area, but that West Coast area is a big population center for them.’

Chinese nationals now make up the fastest-growing faction of illegal border crossers into the US, with over 20,000 apprehended since October

The Chinese arrivals have raised concern with elected officials about why the citizens for a US foe are coming here in increasing numbers.

‘It’s tough to put everybody in the same box: that they’re all tourist, they’re all coming all gang members, they’re all bad actors,’ the Republican added.

‘At the same time, you can’t say they’re all coming here for opportunity and fleeing Xi’s repressive regime.

An asylum seeking migrant from China holds up his passport and paperwork as he is photographed by a U.S. Border Patrol in December 2023

‘This is once again, why is its so important that we allow zero people to come over illegally, and any of these people seeking asylum, they get their cases heard immediately.

Chinese nationals now make up the fastest-growing faction of illegal border crossers into the US, with over 20,000 apprehended since October

‘Regardless of what ethnicity or what country you’re coming from, you get your day in court and if you don’t qualify, you get deported back to China, Venezuela or wherever the hell you came from.’


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