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Gavin Newsom Lied About Late-Term Abortions, Falsely Claims They’re Done for Emergency Reasons

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During the debate with pro-life Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last night, pro-abortion California Governor Gavin Newsom lied about late-term abortions.

While decades worth of facts and figures show alate-term abortions are mostly elective, mostly done on healthy moms and mostly done on healthy babies, Newsom falsely claimed that they are only done for emergency reasons.

“On the issue of the extreme exception that you highlight as it relates to the issue of later term abortion, it’s almost always because of a fetal anomaly [or] the life of the mother. And in those rare cases, I trust … the mother and her doctor to make that decision,” he said.

DeSantis said Newsom was “wrong” regarding late-term abortions and said data in Florida indicated 88% of later abortions were elective.

He’s right. Newsom’s claim is totally false for multiple reasons.

First, a study from ANSIRH, a pro-abortion research group at the University of California, contradicts the popular claim that most late-term abortions happen because of serious health problems with the mother or her unborn baby.

“The reasons people need third-trimester abortions are not so different from why people need abortions before the third trimester…” the researchers wrote. “[T]he circumstances that lead to someone needing a third-trimester abortion have overlaps with the pathways to abortion at other gestations.”

According to the study, women have third-trimester abortions for a number of reasons, including difficulty obtaining an abortion, the inability to afford an abortion earlier, failure to realize she was pregnant earlier, and medical problems with the unborn baby. None of the abortions in the study were because of medical problems with the mother, according to the report.

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