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IDF Hunts Hamas with Robots, “Weasels” and Attack Dogs in Tunnels under Al-Shifa Hospital to Rescue Hostages

The Israeli Army has begun perhaps the most difficult phase of the eradication of Hamas, the tunnel warfare in the 300 miles of tunnels beneath Gaza. The IDF is employing drones, combat robots and attack dogs in its efforts to free the 240 hostages and smoke out the terrorists hiding them underground.

Yesterday, Irish-Israeli hostage Emily Hand experienced her 9th birthday in the underground terror tunnels held by Hamas.

Can you imagine what the poor girl and her family are going through?

As the Israeli Army begins its attack on the Hamas nerve center hidden beneath al-Shifa Hospital and other civilian buildings it uses as shields, rescuing hostages like Emily has to be first priority. To achieve this, specialist units are employing modern technology and tunnel warfare skills in the rats’ nest of terror tunnels Hamas has built with Western funding since 2005, known as the “Gaza Metro”.

Instead of just flooding the tunnel complex with salt water from the nearby Mediterranean, or using poison gas like Arab dictators do, the IDF looks to be preparing for grueling underground tunnel warfare, even worse than the urban combat the IDF has been facing in Gaza City, in order to save hostages like Emily.

“Israel’s military has deployed a complex array of technologies to probe and attempt to destroy the underground complexes — and eventually the Hamas leadership — including around Al Shifa hospital,”

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