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Lesbians Upset Christian Wedding Venue Owners Would Not Celebrate Their Union

The “lgbtq” mob has gone from tolerance, to equality and now approval of their unnatural relationships.

Two lesbians who were looking to hold their “wedding” at the Barn at Grace Hill, Kansas, found out before booking that the owners of the venue would not participate in their activities.

The owners who said they would legally have to allow the proceedings to go on – emailed the women that in good faith they could not celebrate the union because of owners religious beliefs.

“While our deeply held religious belief keeps us from celebrating anything but marriage between a man and woman, we desire to serve everyone equally and do not want to keep anyone from using our building who would like to,” wrote the venue co-owner, Amanda Balzer. “Our hearts are to serve, regardless of race, creed, color, origin, sexual orientation, gender or marital status, while maintaining our convictions and beliefs as well.”

The lesbian couple became enraged and shared their story on social media.

Sharing a screenshot of the email to Facebook, a Ali Waggy wrote: “Imagine going to your dream wedding venue with your fiancée, kids & parents… Seeing it, falling even more in love with it, deciding it’s it… & then when you email them one last question before asking for a contract; not the person you’ve been emailing, but the owner responds like this.”

“If you decide that our barn is the location you want for your wedding, we have learned that it is most fair to you to know who we are and where our heart is,” Amanda Balzer replied.

In response, the radical woke cancel culture is flooding the wedding venue’s email with hateful messages.

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