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Speaker Johnson Believes GOP Has Votes for Biden Impeachment Process

‘The Facts Are So Clear’

House Speaker Mike Johnson announced what has to be bad news for President Joe Biden.

During an interview on Fox News, the Louisiana Republican said he believes House Republicans have enough votes to launch an impeachment inquiry into Biden.

Host Pete Hegeseth asked: “We mentioned impeachment, which requires votes, and we mentioned that with Santos out, you have an even tighter margin.

“Do you have the votes formally to start an impeachment process?”

“Yeah, I believe we will. I suspect no Democrats will assist in this effort. But they should. The facts are so clear for everyone to see. Just a couple of numbers to remember: just real quick off the top, $15 million.”

“We know that the Biden family received at least $15 million from foreign nationals and companies, including Ukraine, Russia, and China. Just between 2014 and 2019, at least 16 times on record, Joe Biden has lied about his involvement in the family’s business dealings and Hunter Biden’s business dealings,” Johnson said.

He added: “We know 22 times—at least 22 times—the president met with or talked with Hunter’s foreign business associates. And we have checks. We have checks written to Joe Biden that the Oversight Committee has found in the banking records: $40,000 from China and $200,000 from a now-bankrupt healthcare company that his brother James Biden swindled.”

“But the evidence is so clear, you cannot look away. And the Constitution requires the House to follow the truth wherever it leads. We—we—have to do this. We cannot stop the process.”

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