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You Will Not Believe What MSNBC Guest Is Blaming White People For Now

An MSNBC talking head charged Monday that white people are responsible for stealing every form of music, with the exception of classical, from black people.

The Daily Show correspondent Dulce Sloan appeared on the network to talk about some people criticising Beyonce for making a country music album.

Of course, this is MSNBC, so everything has to be ratcheted up to eleven race baiting.

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The host stated “black people have always been a part of folk and country music,” asking Sloan. “You want to weigh in on that?”

And that she did.

“If white people hated cultural appropriation, then they shouldn’t have created music,” Sloan stated.

“Because every form of music in America was stolen from black people: rock’n’roll, jazz, blues, country, pop music. So if you have a problem with cultural appropriation — y’all created classical music, y’all could have stuck with that,” She further offered.

The argument is ridiculous on its face because almost all modern popular music stems from classical music, but that’s by-the-by.

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“Roll the piano into this concert,” Sloan continued to mock, suggesting that white people only take umbrage with cultural appropriation when it’s something being taken from them.

Viewers of the clip pointed out how ridiculous Sloan’s entire ‘argument’ is:


Here’s the issue with this. They take something that is an irrefutable fact (the foundations of American popular music comes from Black Americans) and then mix it with some bullsh*t (every form of music in America was “stolen”). I can’t believe I have to say this in 2024 but ITS NOT A BAD THING THAT WHITE PEOPLE CONSUME OUR CONTENT. Yes there have been issues with the music industry robbing Black artists, obscenely so during the Rock and Roll era. And I’ve already laid out how the INDUSTRY stole rock music from Black folks. But you can’t blame the whole country for the practices of the entertainment industry. That was the industry, not the people. The audience never stopped loving our music. I view our immense contributions to American popular music and culture as a point of pride. The number one genre of music in the country TODAY is Black music (Hip-Hop/R&B). To take something we should celebrate and bash the country with it is so stupid and counterproductive.

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